Hypocritical Congressional Idiots Du Jour

Not only are many members of Congress hypocrites, but they’re also pretty stupid. Sure, this isn’t exactly “breaking news,” but read on…

TheHill.com reported on “anti big oil” members of Congress who nevertheless own oil stock as an investment. Rep. Steve Cohen helps go a long way toward explaining why these morons shouldn’t be allowed to control our money when they can’t even control their own with any degree of non-retardation:

“I always vote against the companies I own,” said Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.). “I don’t give a damn.”

Question of the day: If Cohen doesn’t give a damn about his own money, how much can he possibly care about ours?

Of course, he’s either an idiot, or lying, or worse yet — both. None of the possible options are attractive, if you ask me.

And then there are just plain hucksters, like John Kerry, who explains his oil investment hypocricy away as being something that’s out of his control, because his money is in a “blind trust.”

Excuse me, Senator. You can specifically exclude things from a blind trust, you just can’t specifically include them. In other words, if you’re a “meat is murder” activist, you can have the beef industry excluded from any of your blind holdings. Nice try though, Swifty.

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