What Really Ticks Off Libs About Rush Limbaugh

nullAfter it was announced that Rush Limbaugh signed a deal that could bring him approximately $400 million through 2016, everybody knew there would be a stampede of liberals to criticize the deal.

Here are some of those criticisms. For example, Vanity Fair contributing editor Michael Wolff can’t believe the amount of the contract, especially since “the era of conservatism is coming to an end.” If it does come to an end, I highly doubt that void will be filled by Vanity Fair, so just calm down, Mr. Wolff.

Wolff believes the contract is a huge mistake. Isn’t it heart-warming to see so many liberals suddenly concerned with the financial bottom-line of Clear Channel Communications? Who says the left isn’t pro-business?

The reasons for the criticisms are clear. What really ticks off the left about Limbaugh has nothing to do with his political views as much as the fact that he makes so much more money than they do, and they’re actually too economically challenged to figure out why — which is of course why they’re liberals in the first place.

The size of Limbaugh’s audience and his dramatic influence on the debate in this country offers Rush’s critics in the liberal media only stark reminders of how incredibly irrelevant they are. It’s nothing more than penis envy but with microphones.

My envy diagnosis should come as no surprise, since exploiting envy in one form or another has been the inspiration for the entire DNC platform for decades.

Go get ’em, Rush, but watch out. In light of the new contract, the libs in Congress might scrap the “Fairness Doctrine” and instead impose a windfall profits tax on conservative talk hosts. You can take that to the bank — along with the huge paycheck.

Update: Maybe these Dems need to read this ad in Popular Mechanics from 1950: “Do other peoples’ successes make you feel unimportant? Then you need to develop your hidden talents!”