Forging Press Passes: Legal or Illegal?

A blogger at the Daily Kos, celebrating Code Pink’s infiltration of Bush’s speech on July 4th (see post below), is telling everyone how to forge press passes, as he’s done on several occasions for Code Pink.

Instead of commenting on any specifics, I’d instead like to ask if this is legal, or illegal? I’m not a lawyer, but I have a feeling if I posted on how to forge press passes, and admitted to doing so in the past, that I’d be getting a little visit from Secret Service. The next time I’d be utilizing my forging skills would be to Photoshop my parole papers.

And what if one of the loons managed to harm the president, and you made their press pass? Some people really don’t think these things all the way through, do they?

This person also needs to remember, Bush doesn’t have much longer to go in office. Barack Obama could be next, and the press passes will be very similar, so this is also a tip not only for the left-wing, but for potential right-wing infiltrators. Thanks dude.

But the odds that Obama will win the election drop, albeit only very slightly, when Google Ads places John McCain (“Bush II” for you liberals) ads at the top of this guy’s MySpace page: