Obamessiah Complex: Stage 2

The delusion continues:

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) will leave the hall of the Democratic National Convention in Denver and deliver a rock-star-style acceptance speech at nearby Invesco Field at Mile High, quadrupling his live audience, the party announced Monday.

Before his acceptance speech, Obama will leave the 19,000 seat convention center and walk across the Platte River to the 76,000 seat Invesco Field. 76,000? They’re gonna need to make a lot of Kool-Aid.

My only question is this: If the Messiah is in town, why are all the lepers going to be kept off the streets and at a safe distance? That’s not something I’d expect from a saviour.

Stay tuned for Stage 3 of the Obamessiah Complex: Going to Berlin and trying to re-create the great speeches of Reagan and Kennedy. “Ich bin ein Bolshevik!”

Update: Out with the Messiah Complex, and in with the Nuremberg Complex?

Update II: The NTSB is investigating what caused mechanical problems on the plane Obama was riding in that forced it to make an unscheduled landing. Question #1 on the NTSB’s list: Where was Hillary?