Eco-Geek Turf Wars

It’s Bill Nye the Science Guy vs. Ed Begley, Jr. in an all-out Gore war to see who can leave the smallest carbon footprint just this side of killing themselves:

The good-natured competition between actor Ed Begley Jr. and Bill Nye, the host of the educational series “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” began when Nye moved into the neighborhood two years ago. Since then the two moderately famous and slightly geeky environmentalists have matched wits over whose home can leave a smaller carbon footprint.
Nye, 52, pins the source of the rivalry on Begley, who became envious of Nye’s new solar panels while filming a segment of his HGTV green living show called “Living with Ed.”

“Ed instantly got a little twinge—you could see it,” Nye said. “My system, being 15 years younger, has a couple of nice little features that he doesn’t have.”
While Begley calls the rivalry a “a friendly, humorous one-upmanship,” he admits there are parts of the competition that are quite serious.

“He has these great copper rain gutters that I covet,” Begley said.

Gay? No, I don’t think they are. Why do you ask? And they don’t live on Fire Island, they live in California, so don’t go there, either.

Reading about this particular turf war did manage to get me into recycling… my lunch.

Author: Doug Powers

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