Media Blackout: Jesse Jackson Strikes Fear Into the Hearts of His Allies

Earlier I heard that Jesse Jackson said something about Barack Obama when Jesse thought his microphone was off. It took me a while to find out exactly what he said, but eventually I found some of it.

One CNN article wouldn’t even repeat one word that Jackson said. The Associated Press offered no direct quotes at all.

Even Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t play all of the clip, and Fox News was the network that had the mic that caught the comments in the first place (biased, racist bastards!).

Fox News “decided against showing all the statements.” They can talk about A-Rod banging Madonna, show car bombing victims guts on the road and get a good chuckle out of the word “cock,” but reporting that a “civil rights leader” said he’d like to cut off the nuts of a presidential candidate is pushing their journalistic limits? Oh the power that the ability to organize a high-profile boycott yields.

When did showing somebody’s own words become blasphemy? If this were Pat Robertson, every single comment would be replayed, analyzed and mocked mercilessly, but Jesse… not so much.

Nevertheless, below you can see part of what Jackson said as it aired on the O’Reilly program. Jesse in part criticizes Obama for “talking down to black people.” This must leave Barack with the same feeling he’d have if Michael Moore called him a fat-ass: