Crooks and Conyers: It Takes One to Know One

There’s nothing better than being propelled into the weekend on a laugh, and Rep. John Conyers from Michigan is in a giving mood.

Conyers has a piece at the Huffington Post entitled “Karl Rove, the White House, and the Rule of Law.”

The rule of law?

That’s right; a Conyers is actually pointing the finger at somebody else’s ethics. Some members of Congress have no shame. The only way this could be topped would be for Amy Winehouse to write a HuffPo piece chastising Courtney Love’s drug habit.

John Conyers, with the two staffers who accused him of using taxpayer money to have them act as little more than babysitters, who accepted campaign donations from Saddam Hussein’s U.S. agent and oil-for-food scammer Shakir Alkhafaji and whose staff “allegedly” stole 60 turkeys from a charity (gotta feed those kids somethin’) will get to the bottom of the criminal behavior of the Bush administration. It takes a crook to know one.

Let’s not forget Rep. Conyers wife Monica, who is a Councilwoman for Detroit’s ruling Junta. This is a woman who threatened to shoot the Mayor’s aide (what would we do without the anti-gun left?) and is now under investigation in a federal bribery case. Monica Conyers helps her husband keep perspective on the rule of law as well.

Here’s some video of the dainty, delicate little flower Monica Conyers in action.

True, just because the finger-pointer is dirty doesn’t mean the accusation is false, but it certainly lends to more scrutiny of said allegation when the ethics of the accuser are greatly in question.

The policies that John Conyers would love to bring to the entire United States have been and are being beta-tested in Detroit, a city whose “leaders” over the years have managed to turn the place into a western composite of Myanmar and Zimbabwe but without the airy charm.

Detroit’s misery is a by-product of the misguided crooks who run the city — John Conyers and his wife included. The only thing I know is that John Conyers is part of is the problem, not the solution — to anything — be it in Detroit or the White House. I’d rather take my chances on Bush and Rove than follow John Conyers down any kind of primrose path, especially if I have my wallet with me.

If Conyers wants to satisfy his appetite for squaring off against people of questionable ethics who may have violated the rule of law, he need do nothing more than lock himself in the bathroom with his wife and a big mirror.