Red, White & Bleu: Happy Bastille Day, France

nullToday, the French are celebrating Bastille Day — but not for more than 6 1/2 hours, with 45 minutes for lunch and two mandatory 15-minute breaks.

Every July 14th, Bastille Day honors that day in 1789 when French citizens, angry at Kings and Queens keeping political prisoners in the Bastille prison, stormed the place and released the prisoners, where they were then free to go be rude to tourists and establish religious freedom so they could openly worship Jerry Lewis without fear of government retribution.

Then, as the story goes, later that day, Betsy le’ Ross sat on her porch and knitted a giant white flag as the symbol of France. That flag, 219 years later, still proudly waves at the end of most French military engagements.

Happy Bastille Day, France!