Obama and The New Yorker: ‘With Friends Like These…’

The New Yorker, in an attempt to point out the ridiculously over-the-top nature of some of the criticisms against Barack Obama, has the following picture on the cover of their magazine that seems to have garnered a reaction quite opposite to the stated intention.

Dems are furious, Repubs are not-so-seceretly snickering:


Michelle Malkin has a good reminder for those who are incensed at that Obama cartoon.

In other campaign news… there were rumors that the Obama campaign was going to become a NASCAR sponsor — which is a perfect fit for Obama, as you go constantly and sharply to the left and drift to the right only when necessary — but now it looks as if he won’t be sponsoring a car.

John McCain, however, is still considering becoming a NASCAR sponsor. McCain’s campaign even has their new logo all ready to go:


Author: Doug Powers

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