Lots of Spin Zone: Jesse Jackson Talks Down to Black People

Jesse Jackson had a colonoscopy yesterday, and the doctor successfully removed two benign polyps and Bill O’Reilly’s nose. I’m just kidding — the doc couldn’t get O’Reilly’s nose out of there.

Remember the tape where Jesse Jackson said Barack Obama should have his nuts cut off, and that Obama talks down to black people? Fox News, at the apparent behest of Bill O’Reilly, was very selective about the clips they used.

It turns out, after the part where Jackson said Obama talks down to black people — which was the point where Fox News ended the clip — Jackson followed it up with “He’s talking down to n—-rs.”

“Talking down to…” followed by a most degrading, condescending and disrespectful term for the group of people it is claimed are being talked down to is a whopper full of irony.

What’s more comical is how O’Reilly is angered because the “bonus” material was leaked, probably by a staffer, and then by an “Internet weasel.” If this were almost anybody else, I don’t think O’Reilly would take issue with releasing the clip, even from a different “civil rights leader.”

O’Reilly said they “held it back” because “it was not relevant to the general subject — one civil rights leader disparaging another, over policy.” Oh, but cutting off nuts was relevant to the general subject?

That sounds like spin, Mr. O’Reilly — I thought that wasn’t allowed. Does the good Reverend have something on you?

(h/t HotAir)

Update: The Sage from South Central (Larry Elder) has a great column about the Reverend Tupac Jackson today: Jesse Jackson, the fat lady is singing