Obamessiah Denied

From the “So ya really wanna be president, eh?” file we find this: Drudge has an item about “security fears” for Obama’s trip through the Middle East. One stop has been cancelled:

“I would prefer if he did not make the trip to Ramallah,” a concerned government official explained Thursday night from Washington. “And he must use extreme caution throughout Israel at this time, in my opinion, especially Jerusalem.”

A planned foot tour of Jerusalem’s Old City has been called off, a senior source reveals.

The last time the Obamessiah went through Jerusalem it was on a donkey, wasn’t it? I actually feel sorry for the blind and the crippled who are going to be denied a healing due to the cancelled trip more than anything else.

Hopefully the Obamessiah can still manage to visit his birthplace:


Author: Doug Powers

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