Fallujah Fried Chicken: The Democratization of Iraq is Complete

A KFC has opened in Fallujah’s Hey Al Dubat area.

“Mission Accomplished”:


This means Iraq will be experiencing the next step on the road to freedom: Visits from PETA and Pamela Anderson. At KentuckyFriedCruelty.com, Anderson speaks out against cruelty to chickens — a little creature with a brain the size of a pebble, scrawny legs, high pitched squawk, and historically in-demand breast meat… and then of course there’s the chicken.

Mark my words, the KFC in Fallujah will prompt Pam and PETA to claim that “terrorism still exists in Iraq, it’s just taken on a different form.” Just wait.

Here’s a YouTube video of the Fallujah KFC. Either those are U.S. Marines in the restaurant, or the trans-fat police have already made their way from Chicago to Iraq.

This could be a really bad time to mention this, but last year Jewish Hospital in Shelbyville, Kentucky renamed their medical campus after Colonel Sanders.

Author: Doug Powers

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