A Peek Inside the Mind of Michelle Obama

As her husband strips the American flag off his plane so he doesn’t have to be ashamed of the country he’s from during his trip to the Middle East, Michelle Obama spoke to some people at a fundraiser in Colorado and and said some perplexing things:

[Michelle] Obama rattled off a list of areas where she believes the nation has been underperforming during the two terms of President Bush: education, health care and the economy.

“I wish we had time to be divided. I wish we had time to be upset. To be angry. To be disappointed. I wish we did,” Obama said. “Because if we had time for that, then things wouldn’t be so bad right now. Instead, we’re in a place where another four or eight years of the world as it is will devastate the life of some child.”

Is she saying that the country would be a better place if we were more divided, upset, angry and disappointed? Or is she complaining about Americans being so incredibly busy that we don’t have time to be divided, upset, angry and disappointed? Either way, what’s the complaint? If you’re Michelle Obama, or any liberal politician, there is reason to complain.

This is an example of the typical liberal Democrat Freudian slip, and here we’re getting a sneak-peek inside the mind of a left-winger with political ambitions — a person to whom the existence of bitter division, anger, class envy and racial tension is good news.

These aren’t problems to be solved, but rather means to socialist ends, and they’re welcome by liberals. When they don’t exist to the degree needed for full exploitation by the liberal in question, then this is a “problem” — not for us, but for them. So Michelle’s telling the truth… as she knows it.

If Michelle Obama wants to see divided, upset, angry and disappointed, she should have gone with her husband to the Middle East.

Geez, Phil Gramm says Americans are whining too much and gets beat over the head, and Michelle Obama says we’re not whining enough and gets applause. Go figure.