Al Gore Leading Genocide Against the Blind

The above headline is how it would be reported if the environmental movement were run by Republicans, but Gore will get a pass for this:

Because they can be nearly silent, hybrid cars pose a serious threat of injury and death to blind and visually impaired people, says the American Council of the Blind, which is pushing the auto industry and government officials to develop ways to reduce this danger.

The obvious question is, “Why do environmentalists hate blind people?”

Update: There is a possible solution to this problem:

nullA new battery-powered hybrid, currently in testing phase, is the brainchild of entertainer 50 Cent.

The “Honda Screamer,” pictured left, is designed to be safer for visually impaired pedestrians because it comes equipped with a high-tech speaker system that continually blares a tape loop of the rapper yelling “Get out da way, blind-ass bitches!”

Before the Screamer becomes available to the public, the manufacturer has two challenges they are working to overcome: 1) It’s feared the language on the tape may be considered offensive by some, and 2) Though the car’s motor is battery-powered, the sound system runs on an 8 cylinder, 6.6 liter diesel engine, which some environmentalists may deem self-defeating.

Author: Doug Powers

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