The Obligatory John Edwards/Rielle Hunter Jokes & Exclusive Baby Photo

Ever since the National Enquirer reported on John Edwards’ allegedly visiting a hotel to see his mistress and “love child,” it’s been inevitable: The John Edwards/Rielle Hunter jokes are starting to flow, and Jim Treacher has just a few.

As it’s difficult for me to avoid jumping on a trend bandwagon, I took the liberty of writing a couple of my own:

–“Why did doctors at the hospital where the baby was delivered first suspect that John Edwards was the child’s father? Whenever an ambulance pulled up to the emergency room, the baby got an erection.”

–“What was the biggest challenge in planning the baby shower? Trying to figure out how to keep the National Enquirer away from Pink Sapphire.”

–“What’s the definition of ‘futile’? Elizabeth Edwards trying to balance the checkbook.”

By the way, somebody get the Enquirer editors on the phone, because I’ve managed to obtain an exclusive photo of the Edwards/Hunter baby. I think this picture could be worth something:


Update: The one true love in John Edwards’ life for many, many years is reportedly devastated by reports of the alleged affair and feels cheated and used. But instead of focusing on the bad things, let’s instead remember the happier times they shared together.

Author: Doug Powers

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