Obama Want a Cracker

Below is over nine minutes worth of Barack Obama, in Obama’s own voice with dozens of short clips, talking about white people. Frankly, I can’t believe his campaign hasn’t twisted the arm off the YouTube people yet and managed to get it removed. Maybe soon.

Much of the video, but not all, of this is taken from the audio version of Obama’s book “The Dreams of My Father.”

First, a short personal experience: Years ago, I worked at a grocery store, and I was alone in the office one day and decided to go through the job applications. On the front of one in big letters the manager/owner of the store had written, “No! black!” And this was in 1989 in Michigan, not 1955 in Alabama.

Putting myself in different shoes, if I would have been a young black man in those days and saw that, I would have been jaded, angered, and perhaps even led to believe that all white people thought that way.

In other words, that day, I was given a first-hand lesson in where the anti-white sentiment can come, but it’s very disturbing that one person who holds this sentiment could end up as the most powerful man in the world. Also, Obama’s “bitterness” seems to come more from a liberal politician’s natural instinct to race-bait than from personal experience, which makes it even worse.

“Don’t blame an entire group of people for the actions of a few” is something we’re told by people like Barack Obama when trying to quell white-on-black racism. If only he’d heed his own advice when the equation is reversed:

(h/t Misunderestimated)