Iran Declares August 5 ‘Contradiction in Terms Day’

Is Iran getting on board the human rights train? This story was reported on Friday:

A top Iranian body headed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly has declared August 5 international “Islamic human rights day,” in what may be a bid to boost shari’a law.
The report comes amid growing international criticism of Iran’s rights record, particularly its use of capital punishment. This week, a British parliamentary foreign affairs committee released a document that described Iran’s human rights record as “shocking” and “deteriorating” and noted that its statute books permitted execution by hanging, stoning, flogging and amputation.

But then, during this apparent effort to quell criticisms of their capital punishment record, this story was reported by CNN today, two days after the announcement of “Islamic Human Rights Day”:

Iranian state television’s Web site says 29 people convicted of murder, drug trafficking and other criminal charges have been hanged in Tehran’s Evin prison.

For Iran to show the world that they can spend an entire day observing human rights without a need for kangaroo courts is going to require a lot of rope before the big day arrives so they can clean house of all the temptation.