New Column, Sunday Edition: Michael Savage and Autism

Today I have a column — actually more of an essay as it’s quite a bit longer than the usual 750-worder — at the American Thinker.

Radio talk host Michael Savage said some things a few days ago that angered autism groups and parents of kids who have been diagnosed with autism. Some were calling for his firing.

Having a little experience in this area (with both autism and getting fired, now that I think about it), I decided to write about my family’s experience with autism, and subsequently about what may have been Savage’s motivations to make such statements.

Thanks to Thomas Lifson at AT for helping me dig up a lot of things so the piece could be a reasonably balanced examination of the topic.

I’m no expert on autism. All I know is what I’ve learned from our personal experience with the disorder and the “specialists” we’ve seen, so my words shouldn’t be considered to be a generalization but rather one family’s experience that seems to contradict general consensus.

Give a read to “Savage Misguidance?” for the whole story.

Update: In the comments section, there’s an assumption made that, because I said that I agree with much of what Savage says (in which I was referring mostly to his numerous assessments of the growing threat of Islamofascism), I must have laughed when Savage told the homosexual guy to “get AIDS and die.” I’m willing to bet that, ironically, this is a woman who would claim that one reason she dislikes Savage is because he makes baseless inferences.

Author: Doug Powers

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