Monday’s Column: Just Leave Already!

Needing to take a few days off from directly commenting in column form about the upcoming election, I instead decided it was time to knock around the Hollywood left a little bit.

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is just that. When Bush’s term started to draw to a close at the start of this year, I figured at the very least we’d stop hearing about all those lying celebs saying “If Bush is elected, I’ll leave the country.” I had no idea it would pick up where it left off with McCain — Susan Sarandon is one example.

The column is also a mini psycho-analysis of the Hollywood left. I’m no psychologist, but I think I’m at least as qualified as Dr. Phil to analyze this collection of hypocritical blowhards.

Give a read to “Don’t go away mad, just go away” for the whole story.

And if you’re just coming back after being gone all weekend, yesterday I had a column at the American Thinker. You can check that out here.