Below is 22 seconds of Barack Obama saying that we wouldn’t need to drill for any more oil if we’d just keep our tires properly inflated, and if we did so the country would save the same amount of oil we’d get if we did the domestic drilling that Republicans and some Democrats are calling for:

Will somebody please pull the dipstick from Obama’s head and check the lucidity level? I think he’s a few quarts low. I thought the gasoline problems were because of greedy “big oil” companies — now it’s because the left front tire of my Chevy Venture is at 33 psi instead of 35 psi?

“Get more tune-ups”? Somebody’s getting generous campaign donations from the Automobile Mechanics Union.

Environmental nutcase extra: This is an oldie but always worth a mention as long as Gore’s still peddling his hoax: Quiz — Who said it, Al Gore or the Unabomber?

Bonus question and answer:

Q: How come Gore called his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”?

A: Because “Capricorn One” was already taken.


3 Responses to “Over-Inflated Candidate Discusses Under-Inflated Tires”

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