In a fawning article that reads like an A.N. Roquelaure novel on Spanish fly, a BILD reporter named Judith Bonesky worked out in a gym with Barack Obama before his speech in Germany last week. Here’s the best part: “My name’s Judith” I reply. “I’m Barack Obama, nice to meet you!” he says, and puts […]

Needing to take a few days off from directly commenting in column form about the upcoming election, I instead decided it was time to knock around the Hollywood left a little bit. Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is just that. When Bush’s term started to draw to a close at the start of this year, I […]

Is Iran getting on board the human rights train? This story was reported on Friday: A top Iranian body headed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly has declared August 5 international “Islamic human rights day,” in what may be a bid to boost shari’a law. [...] The report comes amid growing international criticism of Iran’s rights […]

Here’s your “feelgood story of the weekend”: Boy exits child care, goes to Hooters A five-year-old boy left his daycare center, crossed two busy streets, and went into a Hooters restaurant. A hundred bucks says that this kid ends up as a politician — and another hundred says the security level of his daycare center […]

Today I have a column — actually more of an essay as it’s quite a bit longer than the usual 750-worder — at the American Thinker. Radio talk host Michael Savage said some things a few days ago that angered autism groups and parents of kids who have been diagnosed with autism. Some were calling […]

The “Global Footprint Network” has a “carbon footprint calculator.” Click here to find out how big of an environmental nightmare you are. It looks like the ultimate goal of this thing is to point out that the world would be so much better off if everybody except Al Gore and the people from the Global […]

Ever since the National Enquirer reported on John Edwards’ allegedly visiting a hotel to see his mistress and “love child,” it’s been inevitable: The John Edwards/Rielle Hunter jokes are starting to flow, and Jim Treacher has just a few. As it’s difficult for me to avoid jumping on a trend bandwagon, I took the liberty […]

Below is over nine minutes worth of Barack Obama, in Obama’s own voice with dozens of short clips, talking about white people. Frankly, I can’t believe his campaign hasn’t twisted the arm off the YouTube people yet and managed to get it removed. Maybe soon. Much of the video, but not all, of this is […]

Putting the “Safe” in “Safeco”: The Seattle Mariners are declaring two sections of Safeco Field no-peanut zones for a couple of games this summer. The AL club announced the move Wednesday to make the ballpark safer for children and grown-up fans with peanut allergies. No peanuts — even shell fragments — at all in certain […]

How do you like the sound of this? Congressman Richard Simmons. Oh, what the hell, why not? Hey, maybe this anticipation is why Larry Craig refuses to retire. Can you imagine? There would be so much tapping going on in the Capitol Hill restrooms that it’d sound like a Shirley Temple/Bojangles Robinson reunion. Not to […]

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