We’re taking the crew to Sandusky, Ohio Saturday for a day at Cedar Point and will be back home Sunday afternoon, charged up and ready to go for another interesting week. With any luck I’ll be able to polish up Monday’s column tomorrow night in the hotel room as the kids fall asleep and while […]

If you saw Obama’s speech last night, this hits the bullseye — Here’s Mickey Kaus writing in Slate about Obama’s speech last night: “Why the slow, angsty movie-music at the end? I thought someone in the Politburo had died.”

As the tears that fell like holy water enrich the grass on Invesco Field, the lepers enjoy their new healthy bodies and the stadium janitors clean up loaves and fishes scraps following the speech by The One (the thing was so theatric that they backdrop should instead have been a replica of Broadway), we await […]

I’ve described Jason Mattera of the Young America’s Foundation as “conservatism’s answer to Michael Moore,” and he doesn’t disappoint with his latest video effort. Watch Jason in his orange jumpsuit working the protest crowd outside the Democrat convention hall as he passes a petition to demand that the U.S. government provide Gitmo prisoners with Netflix […]

Not long ago, I wrote about some people who claimed to have an image of the Savior on their cat (they sure did!), and now somebody claims to have found a moth sporting an image of the Savior. Could it possibly happen twice? I was skeptical, but I checked out the story, and it turns […]

It looks like Barack Obama is going to go full blown “Pink Floyd live in Athens” (a “Barack Opera” if you will) for tonight’s massive coronation. This guy is getting so self-aggrandizing and flashy that even Neon Deion Sanders might tell him to take it down a notch: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s big speech […]

We spend a good deal of time here mocking doofus celebs, so why not highlight one who demonstrates that intelligence isn’t necessarily what you know, but rather the ability to know what you don’t know. Kid Rock is one of those celebrities who thinks celebrities should keep their mouths shut about politics: “I’m good at […]

We Irish will bet on anything after a few drinks. From CNS News: Irish bookmaker Paddy Power says Sen. Barrack Obama (D-Ill.) is the undisputed master of cliches this election season, and his well-known mantra — “Change” — is sure to show up in Thursday’s speech when he accepts the Democratic presidential nomination. The odds […]

Penn and Teller try to answer the above question in an episode of their Showtime program that should be required viewing for everybody from school kids to nursing home residents: “Bullshit!” Below is the first third of the half-hour show. Click here to view the other two parts. (there’s a bit of harsh language in […]

The latest enviro-craze is this: Reusable toilet paper. It’s highly recommended that you wash your clothing in a separate load — unless you work for UPS and then it won’t really matter. I’m proud to say that I’ve been ahead of the game in saving the environment from global warming, because this was my reusable […]

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