The Officially Unofficial McCain VP Watch Post

As the tears that fell like holy water enrich the grass on Invesco Field, the lepers enjoy their new healthy bodies and the stadium janitors clean up loaves and fishes scraps following the speech by The One (the thing was so theatric that they backdrop should instead have been a replica of Broadway), we await the announcement of John McCain’s veep choice.

Word is that at least a couple of those who were under consideration will be in Dayton today for McCain’s noon announcement. Pawlenty cancelled some appearances today, but there are reports of Secret Service sweeps of Romney’s home here in Michigan (which was the same dead giveaway that pointed to Biden for the Dems).

I’m hoping that earlier reports that it was Pawlenty aren’t true (he’s fairly conservative, but “global warming” Kool-Aid drinkers make me nervous).

Here are who I hope is McCain’s choice in order of preference:

1) Romney
2) Palin
3) Pawlenty
4) A conservative “dark horse”
78) Tom Ridge
183) Joe Lieberman

For the love of God (no, not you Barack), please, don’t choose another senator, Mr. McCain! There are already more than enough of you in the race. Like they say, three senators is a crowd, four is armed robbery.

Update: CNBC reporting it’s Palin. FOX News agrees.

Good choice on McCain’s part. I was hoping he wouldn’t do his usual “attempt to reach across the aisle” thing by choosing somebody moderate that might appeal to on-the-fence voters — which always backfires. Palin will satisfy the base, and I also like her because she realizes that the entire reason the U.S. picked up Alaska was for its natural resources.

Update II: Uh oh: “The choice of Palin is a risky move that could ultimately prove disastrous to the Republican prospects in November.”

But wait — a leading House Democrat said that. So nice of him to be concerned with the well-being of the GOP’s chances.

Author: Doug Powers

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