This is a potential election-buster for the Democrats if I ever saw it: Gas prices continue to decline. The horror! Somebody call the police, because the Democrats demagoguery muse is being stolen right under their noses. What’s next? A dramatic drop in the abortion rate? Concrete evidence that lower taxes expand the economy? “Oh the […]

As Democrats speaking at the convention continue to take the stage to tell us how America is the greatest nation on the planet, and how we need to change it, there is some odd drama: US police are investigating whether they have foiled an assassination plot against Barack Obama after four people were arrested near […]

The answer to the “question of the day” comes to us courtesy of a brave Fox News reporter and his cameraman. The two waded into the moonbat surf near the Democrats convention to get some quotes from the “Recreate 68” bunch who obviously have way too much free time and not nearly enough Thorazine. Here’s […]

He’s baaaack. Well, maybe. If Ted Kennedy shows up tonight for the “tribute” to him or not, the occasion promises to be so syrupy that Aunt Jemima will sue for copyright infringement. I’ll be watching. There’s nothing like honoring one of the politicians who is responsible for bankrupting the country on bad ideas paid for […]

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily contains the unthinkable: A Brady Bunch reference in relation to a presidential candidate and his running-mate. Barack Obama has always reminded me of a character — a publicists creation named “Johnny Bravo.” Who’s Johnny Bravo and what does that have to do with Obama and Biden? Read “Johnny Bravo chooses a […]

Madonna’s head-first dive into the shallow “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” pool continues, and now even the “controversy” is getting old and repetitive: As Madonna kicked off her international “Sticky and Sweet” tour Saturday night, she took a none-too subtle swipe at the presumptive Republican nominee for U.S. president. Amid a four-act show at Cardiff’s […]

They’re teaching Al Gore’s global warming theory in schools without telling the other side of the story, so why not this? From Malta Today: Dinosaurs helped build the pyramids, school director says This was of course before dinosaurs unionized, got fat, lazy, died and turned into the oil which is causing global warming.

“In their own words” ads are the most effective, and with Obama and Biden there’s plenty for McCain to work with. Unfortunately with McCain, Obama can easily reciprocate. Obviously McCain’s people were ready for Obama’s choice of Joe Biden, as evidenced by this ad that’s out already. The potential problem with it is this: Does […]

The Obama veep announcement should be coming soon (tonight or in the morning). I’ll post it here as soon as I get the text message from on high and can get to a computer. It would be just too good to be true if it’s Biden, wouldn’t it? “Biden… Biden… Biden…” There, hopefully that helps. […]

Russia revealing that they’ve recently unsuppressed their inherent urge to threaten, invade and take over nations means that the the McCain campaign would be well served to do an update of Reagan’s famous “the bear” ad from his 1984 presidential campaign. It would make for a great Reagan tie-in and an opportunity to remind everyone […]

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