Horrible News for Democrats

This is a potential election-buster for the Democrats if I ever saw it: Gas prices continue to decline.

The horror! Somebody call the police, because the Democrats demagoguery muse is being stolen right under their noses.

What’s next? A dramatic drop in the abortion rate? Concrete evidence that lower taxes expand the economy?


“Oh the humanity!”

Update: Great news for Dems! Oil prices spike as Hurricane Gustav nears Gulf. But it could get better — Limbaugh just said that one computer model has this thing ends up heading to New Orleans as a possible category 5, and it would strike on or about day one of the Republican convention.

Cue Geraldo.

‘Assassination Plot’ in Denver?

As Democrats speaking at the convention continue to take the stage to tell us how America is the greatest nation on the planet, and how we need to change it, there is some odd drama:

US police are investigating whether they have foiled an assassination plot against Barack Obama after four people were arrested near the Democratic convention in Denver in the possession of high powered rifles.
The suspects were arrested on Sunday when local police arrested a man, identified by the television station as Tharin Gartrell, 28, who was driving a rented pickup truck erratically. CDS4 is reporting that in his truck police found two high powered rifles with telescopic sites, as well as camouflage clothing, walkie-talkies, a bulletproof vest, a high powered spotting scope, licences in the names of various people, and the drug methamphetamine.

Gee, it’s getting so a savior can’t gather 75,000 worshippers together in a huge open-air stadium without somebody trying to screw it up.

First off, a meth freak couldn’t hit Michael Moore from 15 feet away let alone the 750 yards that’s reported in the story. And what’s with the camouflage clothing? They’re in Denver fer cryin’ out loud — unless the “camouflage” is buildings and sidewalks I’d imagine this would only stick out like a sore liberal. Of course, this is near Invesco Field, so maybe the guys had Bronco uniforms in the truck.

So, why are a few white cracker meth-heads talking out their asses making big news while the Somali Muslim who was found dead in a Denver hotel room a couple of weeks ago with a hundred pounds of cyanide was downplayed and dismissed as a benign coincidence? The question answers itself.

If the men found with the guns were Muslims, this would be downplayed in the same way. The last thing the Democrats want is for the focus of the convention to turn to Muslim extremism. Osama Bin Laden himself could parade through Denver setting off dirty bombs and the Democrats would blame a backfiring car that had improper tire pressure.

But crazy white people with guns… that they don’t mind focusing on, and that’s why this story will be followed up on for some time.

Question of the Day, With Video Answer

The answer to the “question of the day” comes to us courtesy of a brave Fox News reporter and his cameraman. The two waded into the moonbat surf near the Democrats convention to get some quotes from the “Recreate 68” bunch who obviously have way too much free time and not nearly enough Thorazine.

Here’s the question, and put up your umbrella before you read it, because it drips with irony: Is there anything more angry, hateful, violent and vitriolic than “peace activists” in large groups?

The answer, as evidenced by the video below, is “not usually”:

Dawn of the Ted

He’s baaaack. Well, maybe.

If Ted Kennedy shows up tonight for the “tribute” to him or not, the occasion promises to be so syrupy that Aunt Jemima will sue for copyright infringement.

I’ll be watching. There’s nothing like honoring one of the politicians who is responsible for bankrupting the country on bad ideas paid for by unwitting dupes who haven’t been born yet — all while exempting his own family from the destruction he hath wrought. What a hero to the workin’ man!

Cue the video and keep the Kopechnes away so they don’t try to ruin it.

Update: Looks like Ted will indeed be there tonight to receive his Lifetime Liberal Achievement Award. Mary Jo will not be able to attend.

Monday’s Column: Obama ‘Fits the Suit’

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily contains the unthinkable: A Brady Bunch reference in relation to a presidential candidate and his running-mate.

Barack Obama has always reminded me of a character — a publicists creation named “Johnny Bravo.” Who’s Johnny Bravo and what does that have to do with Obama and Biden? Read “Johnny Bravo chooses a sartor” for the whole story.

Email update: Laura D. has a good recollection that ties in with something I wrote:

Your statement “What good is a member of Congress who can’t spot a lie that isn’t theirs?” reminded me of a recent comment by Bill Daley (yes, of the Chicago political crime family):

“I assume Clinton actually believed it when a lot of supers said privately they would be with her. But why would you believe them? They are politicians!”

And John M. educates me on Chicago gangs and Obama:

You’ve made a good case showing the only real qualities this candidate has, and his entire lack of preparation to be a senator from Illinois, far less a president, even of a small, dictatorial country.

I would suggest you retract that comment about being attacked by the south side of Chicago, I lived on the west side for some ten years, from 67 to 76, and the “south side” was attacking the United States during that whole time. We had “gangs” organized to keep “south side gangs” from entering our neighborhoods and stealing our bikes and everything else not nailed down, and the most interesting part of it was the makeup of our “gang”.

We were probably the only Italian, Irish, Scots, Polish, German, “gang” in the history of gangs, probably because we all had been targeted by the invading gangs. Obama is not qualified to be president especially if we are attacked by the “south side of Chicago”, he would be leading the charge.

McCain is the New Hitler, Bush Jealous

Madonna’s head-first dive into the shallow “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” pool continues, and now even the “controversy” is getting old and repetitive:

As Madonna kicked off her international “Sticky and Sweet” tour Saturday night, she took a none-too subtle swipe at the presumptive Republican nominee for U.S. president.

Amid a four-act show at Cardiff’s packed Millennium Stadium, a video interlude carried images of destruction, global warming, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, Zimbabwe’s authoritarian President Robert Mugabe — and U.S. Sen. John McCain.

It’s this kind of a grasp of historical scope and solid perspective that makes me surprised that Obama didn’t choose Madonna as his running mate.


“Is there anything more pathetic than an aging hipster?”

Let the Flames Begin

“In their own words” ads are the most effective, and with Obama and Biden there’s plenty for McCain to work with. Unfortunately with McCain, Obama can easily reciprocate.

Obviously McCain’s people were ready for Obama’s choice of Joe Biden, as evidenced by this ad that’s out already. The potential problem with it is this: Does McCain really want to remind the conservative base that a liberal like Joe Biden would be honored to be on the same ticket with him?

The Official VP Prayer Post

The Obama veep announcement should be coming soon (tonight or in the morning). I’ll post it here as soon as I get the text message from on high and can get to a computer.

It would be just too good to be true if it’s Biden, wouldn’t it?


“Biden… Biden… Biden…”

There, hopefully that helps.

As for McCain, word is the field has narrowed down to Romney or Pawlenty. “Word is” is usually wrong, however. Also add “oh please not Lieberman” to the above prayer request.

Update: 9:45 p.m. — For what it’s worth, it’s being reported that the text message won’t go out until the morning. I’ll give it until about 11:30 p.m. eastern tonight, or whenever the Tigers/Royals game ends (whichever comes first) and then won’t stay awake waiting at all. Liberals are costing us enough without adding sleep to the list.

Update II: 11:04 p.m. — Speculation is running amok about a sudden flurry of activity at Joe Biden’s house, including a police car pulling into the driveway. It could be that he’s about to be named as Obama’s running mate, or it could be preventative measures to keep Biden from committing suicide when he finds out he’s not the guy.

Update III: Prayer answered in the affirmative! And the angels sang, the couple of clean and articulate African-Americans danced and the Indians working at Dunkin’ Donuts shops rejoiced as the text message sent at 3:07 a.m. EDT read “Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee.”

‘The Bear’ is Back, and Reagan’s Famous Ad Should Be Too

Russia revealing that they’ve recently unsuppressed their inherent urge to threaten, invade and take over nations means that the the McCain campaign would be well served to do an update of Reagan’s famous “the bear” ad from his 1984 presidential campaign.

It would make for a great Reagan tie-in and an opportunity to remind everyone that there are two ways to take on “the bear”: By scaring it back into its cave as Reagan did, or with the Jimmy Carter/Barack Obama method of pouring honey over your head to make it like you more.

Think about it, Sen. McCain — “The bear is back.” Go ahead and include a couple of pictures of Britney and Paris if you want as well — what the heck.

Here’s the original Reagan ad: