Obama vs. McCain: War of the Roses

nullI realize that the heat of the political process can lead to hypercritical observations over nothing, which is what I thought of when I saw a video of McCain and Obama placing roses at a 9/11 memorial and heard some criticism of Obama’s decorum.

In the video (which is below and lasts only about 20 seconds), John McCain carefully places a rose at the memorial, as Obama sort of flings his rose on the pile like a hunk of wood on a bonfire or a kid playing Skee-Ball.

After I watched it again though it did strike me as an incredibly plebe-ish rookie mistake at a memorial service for somebody who’s trying to appear presidential. I’m not sure, but it looks like Obama, after tossing his rose on the pile, glanced over to McCain who was carefully placing his rose, and said to himself, “Oh, that’s what I should have done.”

Michelle Malkin puts it this way: “It’s a telling cultural and generational distinction between these two men vying to be commander-in-chief of our nation.”

Or are people reading too much into it?

I report, you decide:

Author: Doug Powers

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