Shameless Poli-Weasel of the Week: John Edwards

A University of Illinois student group is going to pay John Edwards $65,000 to speak on campus this fall. Sure, they may not want to anymore, but they pretty much have to:

The Illini Union Board, which arranges lectures, concerts and other events for students, signed a contract with Edwards before he admitted this month to an extramarital affair with a former campaign worker.

U. of I. spokeswoman Robin Kaler said the group still would have to pay Edwards the full speaking fee if it canceled his appearance

Far be it from Edwards to tell them to keep the money. Pink Sapphire isn’t cheap.

During the speech, John is expected to ask the crowd to raise their hands if they forgive him and/or have suffered any side effects from asbestos exposure.

Edwards speech is entitled “The American Dream.” (Subtitle: “At least it is until your wife finds out”)

Why is he delivering a speech entitled “The American Dream”? Because Edwards’ more expensive “Eatin’ ain’t cheatin'” speech is going for a hundred grand and the students didn’t want to cut into their beer money to that degree.

Author: Doug Powers

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