Palin a Bircher?

The political left loves to tout their candidate’s open-minded “willingness to learn about all sides of an issue” — which of course can explain why the person in question might be reading something he doesn’t personally agree with. This is true. For example, I’ve read Das Kapital, but that doesn’t make me a communist — and General Patton read Rommel’s book but that didn’t make Patton a Nazi.

But, when a 13 year old photo surfaces showing Sarah Palin with some John Birch Society material on her desk, what happens? The left freaks and we suddenly find out that liberals seem to hold sole proprietorship over “open-mindedness.”

Is this photo or this one evidence that Palin is a Bircher? No more than this picture is evidence that Obama is a Muslim or this one is proof that Obama wants God to damn America.

I think we can drop it now.

Author: Doug Powers

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