Disenfranchising the Disenfranchisers?

This is making the rounds among the lefty blogs:

The McCain “absentee voter” scam:

1) Mail forms to hard core Democratic voters, asking them to register to vote by mail.

2) Have those forms addressed to the wrong county registrar.

3) Pray overworked registrar workers, swamped with hundreds of mis-addressed forms, forget to forward to the right county, or forward them past the registration deadline.

4) Disenfranchise thousands.

This may come as news to Dems, but if Republicans want to disenfranchise Democrats by the thousands, they don’t need to overthink it. The old “Don’t forget to vote on November 5th” gag should do the trick. After all, there’s no need to get fancy running flea-flickers and end-arounds when the opposition can’t even stop a simple off-tackle running play.

I do agree that vote fraud is abhorrent. It’s a good thing Democrats never do itneverevernever evernever ever ever!

True, just because the other side does it doesn’t make it right if our side does, but it is funny to watch the left get incensed — not so much because of potentially questionable GOP tactics, however. The anger seems to stem more from the realization that they could have some competition in this area.

Author: Doug Powers

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