Rush In-Depth

The UK’s Telegraph has published an interesting behind-the-scenes story about Rush Limbaugh.

What makes this essay an anomaly more than anything is the fact that the author obviously didn’t set out with a preconceived negative angle — a true rarity for a mainstream media outlet covering an American conservative.

I came close to meeting Rush once, but ended up only chatting with his security guy. I was on Glenn Beck’s radio show at Rockefeller Center a while back, and Rush was in New York that week, preparing for his broadcast in the next studio over. Nobody was getting in there — not even Ryan Seacrest, who was so upset about it that he refused to sit through my impromptu audition for American Idol.

I found out later that I just missed Rush, because he came over to talk to Glenn shortly after I’d left (I missed out in my haste for a hot dog). I always regretted not getting the chance to meet him.

Whether you agree or disagree with Rush Limbaugh, there’s no denying that he’s a radio legend with a knack for avoiding writers with designs on hitting him up for a large loan.

And the Coveted Al Qaeda Endorsement Goes To…

Well, they didn’t really name who they wanted to win, but the “nudge, nudge” factor in this “non-endorsement” is so strong I was knocked off the left side of my chair. Al Qaeda leader Abu Yahya al-Libi said that the Republicans deserve to be “humiliated.”

He said that “the Republican Party has invited not just defeat but discredit this year, and that both its nominees for the highest offices in America should be decisively repudiated.” Oh wait, that last quote was from Christopher Hitchens. Nevermind.

Update: The unborn disagree with Al Qaeda.

New Word: Obamacide

Not only does the creation of a hopeless dependency culture breed pitiful indigent lemmings who some days are too lazy to even suck the public teet, but it also can lead to suicidal depression where the decedents are now actually leaving the dependency to their family in their will:

EL PASO – The man who jumped 60 feet to his death from the Spaghetti Bowl left a note with a message for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

The note that was found in the man’s car read, “Obama, take care of my family.”

I’m going to start calling this “Obamacide,” and if Obama is elected president, it will become an epidemic.

If this poor man really wanted to take care of his family, the last person he’d ask to do so is Barack Obama, whose brother lives in Kenyan squalor, and whose Aunt lives in a housing project near Boston.

If I ever ask somebody to take care of my family, I’m going to narrow the list of potentials down to people who can first take care of their own family.


Suicide: The intentional taking of one’s own life.

Obamacide: The intentional taking of somebody else’s life after the intentional taking of your own life.

A Picture That is Worth a Thousand Turds

This is just nauseating. Here’s Nancy “Oil can! Oil can!” Pelosi and her fellow Democrat slimewads posing for pictures next to the financial bailout bill they constructed that will do nothing but perpetuate a problem they caused. What a reason to be proud.

I feel like I’m watching people at a funeral doing a photo op with the corpse — who they killed:


“Put another $700 billion in it — there’s still some more room on this one page”

The Obama Infomercial: A Very Brief Analysis

Did you see any of the Obama infomercial last night? It didn’t turn out exactly the way I envisioned it, but it got pretty close.

Here’s part one. Isn’t it funny how “middle America” is mocked and ridiculed by the bi-coastal elite when they’re not ignoring it altogether, but these same liberals always open their ads reveling in the abject beauty that is middle America as if it’s the heart, soul and backbone of the nation? Too many of us fall for the faux love.

And I noticed that the “$250,000 per year and over” line for people who are the only ones who will see tax increases has been magically lowered to $200,000 per year (Biden had already lowered the threshold to $150,000). Before you know it, it’ll be knocking on Joe the Plumber’s bank account.

What I just couldn’t get past had nothing to do with the content of the infomercial — or lack thereof — it was the Oval Office replica Obama was speaking in, hoping it would make him appear more presidential:


It doesn’t work for me.

Every time I see things like this…


…I just can’t help but think of this:


Obama Confuses Communism With Charity

Here’s Barack Obama attempting to disarm John McCain’s “socialism” attacks (video here):

“By the end of the week he’ll be accusing me of being a secret communist because I shared my toys in Kindergarten!”

Wrong, Messiah. If you give your toys to somebody else, that makes you charitable — if you give my toys to somebody else, that makes you a communist.

And besides, there’s really nothing “secret” about the accusation or the reality. Deny if you will, Senator, but this Kindergarten Defense is merely capitalist lipstick on a socialist pig.

Obama either can’t tell the difference between communism/socialism and charity, or is knowingly fooling his followers. I’m guessing it’s a little of both.

Ohio Homeless: ‘Brother Can You Spare a Ballot?’ Ohio Judge: ‘Sure’

This just in from the “What could possibly go wrong?” department:

Homeless people cannot be denied the right to vote because the grate they sleep on doesn’t have an address, a federal magistrate has ruled.

Edmund Sargus, a U.S. District Court judge for southern Ohio, on Monday ordered Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner not to reject provisional ballots that fail to list a building address on a provisional voting envelope.

Prediction: Next Wednesday, homeless advocates will be demanding emergency funds so they can provide food and shelter to the 150,000 homeless people who were miraculously discovered in Sandusky the previous day.


Dingbat Celeb of the Week: Ashley Judd

nullToday’s big bucket of extra-crispy stupid comes to us from a free-range doofus who comprises the one-third of The Judds that doesn’t sing.

Ashley Judd has spoken out about politics: “A woman voting for McCain/Palin is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

Uh huh, because a woman who votes to put another woman in the highest office a woman has ever occupied in the U.S. government would be… bad for women?

Of course, what Judd is referring to the “reproductive freedom” that McCain and Palin are opposed to. Liberals are hilarious. They can call baby slaughter a “freedom” but consider your choice to drive an SUV, hunt deer or smoke cigarettes to be offensive and immoral behavior.

This would be a better way to phrase it, Ashley: a pregnant woman voting for Obama/Biden is like a chicken voting for an omelette.

Ashley must have some inside information. Obviously ACORN has registered chickens to vote. That would explain Obama’s recent promise to “spread the feed around.”

Update: You can meet the runner-up for Dingbat Celeb of the Week here.

Pittsburgh Steelers Slightly Alter Logo to Honor Obama

At a rally, Pittsburgh Steelers President Dan Rooney, who has endorsed Obama, presented the Democrat candidate with a team jersey.

Rooney also announced that the team will slightly change its helmet logo for Monday night’s game against Washington to show solidarity with Obama and Biden heading into the following day’s election. The alterations from the original logo are very subtle — see if you can spot ’em: