Obama Youth Stars in ‘If You Could See Me Mao: The Musical’

This “Obama Youth Regiment” stuff is getting Hitler-arious, nutty, a little scary and a turn-off to any rational human being — at least those who never had a charter membership in the Sturmabteilung or who were never recruited into the tin-pot army of any number of third-world dictators.

These kind of things (and the training grounds for the younger members) reek of such nutty left-wing paramilitary antics that sometimes I can’t help but think this stuff is all drummed up by brilliant Republican media operatives. At least I might suspect that — if I didn’t know of Obama’s previous pals.

I’m reminded of the words of the poet Peter Porter: “In the New World, happiness is enforced.” That’s the feeling I’m starting to get with the Obama movement. Unfortunately, McCain can’t reciprocate, because “The McCain Youth” fell asleep during his last speech.

This video should be entitled “Mao’s Viagra.”:

This is the kind of community Obama has spent his life organizing, and Palin was right to mock it.

Note: I’ve started categorizing all posts about Obama’s followers under the “Religion” category, because that’s what it’s become.

(h/t Lucianne)

Author: Doug Powers

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