nullToday’s big bucket of extra-crispy stupid comes to us from a free-range doofus who comprises the one-third of The Judds that doesn’t sing.

Ashley Judd has spoken out about politics: “A woman voting for McCain/Palin is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

Uh huh, because a woman who votes to put another woman in the highest office a woman has ever occupied in the U.S. government would be… bad for women?

Of course, what Judd is referring to the “reproductive freedom” that McCain and Palin are opposed to. Liberals are hilarious. They can call baby slaughter a “freedom” but consider your choice to drive an SUV, hunt deer or smoke cigarettes to be offensive and immoral behavior.

This would be a better way to phrase it, Ashley: a pregnant woman voting for Obama/Biden is like a chicken voting for an omelette.

Ashley must have some inside information. Obviously ACORN has registered chickens to vote. That would explain Obama’s recent promise to “spread the feed around.”

Update: You can meet the runner-up for Dingbat Celeb of the Week here.


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