Meeting: Frights of the Round Table

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Below is some footage from an upper west side of Manhattan meeting of, post Obama victory. I’d call it a “strategy session” but that would be like referring to a Three Stooges movie “Shakespearean theater.”

Take the dumbest, most irritating meeting you’ve ever been involved in and then add a bunch of vacuous harpy liberal women and a leftist metrosexual with a nasty case of the Tofu farts running his fingernails down a chalkboard to the mix, and it would still only be halfway as annoying as this meeting.

My favorite parts are at about the 1:00 mark when the lady apparently expresses a hope that MoveOn will socialize the digital camera industry so she can get a free one paid for by somebody else (big surprise coming from the average Obama supporter), and at 2:00 when the heavy discussion about creating an Obama coloring book takes place.

The most frightening part if you’re a Republican? We lost to these people.

In the meantime, Monty Python should sue for copyright infringement:


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