QVC’s Maverick Collection

John and Cindy McCain, as well as Fey’s faux Palin, were peddling wares last night on Saturday Night Live.

Click the picture of my favorite part of the skit to watch the video:


“McCain Fine Gold” — heh heh.


Ben Affleck, hosting the same program last night, nailed a pretty good impression of the tragically undermedicated and intellectually undiapered Keith Olbermann:

Voters Seek to Expose Cracks in Florida Election System

This coming election, “Hanging Chads” are a real possibility in Florida, depending on how many guys named Chad vote at Caliente Resorts:

Residents of the clothing-optional Caliente Resorts in Land O’ Lakes, Fla., said they are lobbying to create the first clothing-optional U.S. polling place.
The resort wants to make it easier for the nudist community to vote, by establishing a polling place within the clothing-optional area so residents will no longer have to visit a nearby subdivision, which requires clothing, to cast their ballots.

I can’t help but wonder if they’ll still have the curtains surrounding each voting booth. Nudists wouldn’t want anybody to invade their privacy, would they?

The Award for Democrat Organization With the Most Commie Sounding Name Goes To…

When you’re struggling to make your candidate appear to not be a socialist, it seems like the last thing you’d want is an organization name that sounds more fitting an Eastern Bloc communist nation circa the Cold War.

Recently I heard a disclaimer on a political ad, and the name of the group sounds a little out of place without the Soviet National Anthem playing behind it:

“Paid for by the Michigan Democratic State Central Committee

If you pronounce it like this it sounds more apropos: “Zee Demokrottik Steet Centrol Koe-meetee”

This name would have made Reagan cringe more than the time they presented him with the script for Bedtime for Bonzo II.

Suggested tagline: “At the DSCC, ‘Regulated Freedom’ is not a contradiction in terms.”

And don’t forget to visit their sister organization, Tse-ka.


“I’m Nikita Kruschev and I approve this message”


This ad paid for by the Democratic State Central Committee: