Charles Rangel’s Gym, and Other Unused Things You Pay For

This just in from the “Your tax dollars at rest” department:

It may look cramped, but while members of Congress are forced to shoehorn office staff and equipment into windowless closets and other tiny corners of the Capitol complex, Rep. Rangel’s taxpayer-funded workout room is just another example of the trappings of his power and seniority in Washington.

Charles Rangel’s taxpayer funded workout room was paid for in the same earmark that got Barney Frank a taxpayer funded subscription to Playboy, along with Robert Byrd’s autographed photo of Jackie Robinson and Trent Lott’s season tickets to the Apollo Theater.


Thanks to the new chin-press machine taxpayers bought for him, Rep. Rangel is now showing off six-pack waddles

(h/t Jammie Wearing Fool)

Author: Doug Powers

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