Nixon Gets Frosted From Beyond the Grave

The upcoming Ron Howard film “Frost/Nixon” has caused a little resurgence in interest in the Nixon presidency, which is merely a byproduct of Hollywood liberals seeking any way possible to link George W. Bush to Nixon.

Below is some Nixon audio I hadn’t heard before, complete with Henry Kissinger advising about Vietnam, “vee zood ztop bompink zee beezezzuz oot of zem vissin fotey ate ahvvas” — which roughly translated is, “We should stop bombing the bejesus out of them within 48 hours.” Nixon agreed, and decided to only bomb the regular jesus out of them.

Also included is Nixon’s sympathy call to Joe Biden. No, not for the hair plugs.

Interesting stuff if you’re into presidential history, specifically the president who inspired all future presidents to stop recording their conversations:

Author: Doug Powers

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