The Hope Defense: Spector of the Obama Presidency

Check out the button Phil Spector (either that or it’s character actor Wallace Shawn in a bad toupee) wore into court for his retrial on a murder charge:


Add jail to the things Obama might magically spare us.

Spector clearly hopes that prison sentences are “spread around” along with the wealth. That way, instead of Phil spending the rest of his life in prison, every American can spend just a few minutes in the slammer to make it more fair.

Actually, I think Phil’s setting a trend here. If Spector is convicted, he can accuse the jury of racism, and the jury knows it. What a brilliant strategy! Call it “the ‘hope’ defense” — and if it works for Spector, it’ll catch on.

At least now we know who’s been engineering Obama’s killer sound.

Author: Doug Powers

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