Franken Seeks to Violate the Separation of Church and Lunatic

When I posted that “Breaking News” item to the left, I was joking a little, but it wasn’t too far from reality:

Al Franken’s campaign is calling for the “systematic forensic search” of a Lutheran Church used as a polling station on Election Day in hopes of finding 133 missing ballots.

Franken’s lawyer Marc Elias is demanding every person who worked at the polling station or assisted in any of the set-up or clean-up be interviewed as a part of the investigation.

Here’s a more in-depth local Fox News story about the “lost envelope” containing 133 ballots — which I’m guessing is merely a “snipe hunt” until Franken’s goons can figure out how to manufacture 133 ballots, stuff them into an envelope, squeeze into a Lutheran Pastor disguise and smuggle them into the church. “Hey, look what I found in the lectern!”

This has become a parody of a parody.

Author: Doug Powers

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