Monday’s Column: Public Service? Public Service!?

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily started last week when I saw yet another news story praising Ted Kennedy for his decades of “public service.” I snapped.

But today’s column isn’t just going off on Ted Kennedy — it’s about most politicians who have had the label “public servant” applied to them — either by themselves or others.

Give a read to “Served to death by public servants” to find out why applying the term “public service” to politicians should be outlawed — especially ones like Ted Kennedy.

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Update: Fan mail

Sandra was on board for a few paragraphs, then I totally lost her:

I agreed with you totally until you insinuated that W is a public servant! Aaaaaaaargh! That man should be hanged in the public square even higher than the rest of your list! He is a globalist/internationalist. Period!

He has just declared Hank Paulson king and destroyed our economy and agreed by silence that Republican deregulation is the problem! His father said the first Iraqi war was fought on behalf of the UN and it was. There was no reason for its beginning and at its end he said, “Now we have a New World Order the United Nations has operated as its founders intended.”!!

She goes on, but you get the point.

I’ve certainly had my disagreements with Bush, but never to the level of catching the dreaded “Bush derangement syndrome.”

Fred from parts unknown isn’t a fan of our current government, and I pretty much share his sentiment:

We will never change this government unless the people rise up and assist these politicians in their efforts of suicide. They may claim they don’t wish to commit suicide but then who can believe anything they say. I think hanging these bastards would be a great act of public service. After all, public service should be administered by the public.

I would be willing to kick the bucket out from under any of them. However, at my age I may have to tie a rope around the bucket and yank it out with my old 1990 chevy gas guzzler. No sacrifice is to great for my country. Just my way of saying thanks to my fellow Americans.

And here’s Frank with sage advice:

If you want to serve the public, become a banker, accountant, engineer, builder, farmer, plumber, bus driver, carpenter, doctor. If you seek power and self-aggrandizement, then go into politics. Become a government official.

Author: Doug Powers

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