Afghanistan Holding Free Erections

The CIA is handing out free Viagra to Afghan chieftains, tribal leaders and warlords, but is “Operation Morningwood” working? Yes, according to the CIA:

“Take one of these. You’ll love it,” the officer said. Compliments of Uncle Sam.

The enticement worked. The officer, who described the encounter, returned four days later to an enthusiastic reception. The grinning chief offered up a bonanza of information about Taliban movements and supply routes — followed by a request for more pills.

As Sun Tzu’s lesser-known brother, Chuck Tzu, taught us: “All warfare is based on erection.”

But there are downsides to all this pharmacologically-induced Chupan-tenting. I heard an unconfirmed report of a Gardez sheep herder who was trampled to death by his own fleeing stock.

Hopefully this CIA operation works, because if it doesn’t, all we’ve done is to create a bunch of enemies who can act as their own self-contained mortar tripods.

Author: Doug Powers

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