Good thing we bailed these guys out, eh?

A former top executive at Merrill Lynch who received a $25 million golden parachute after just three months of work has purchased a $37 million Park Avenue palace.

Peter Kraus, 55, paid the staggering sum for a five-bedroom co-op on New York’s posh Park Avenue after getting a $25 million buyout from Merrill Lynch when the company was sold to Bank of America in September, the New York Post reported.

By the way, ten seconds worth of research showed me that Kraus is a … you guessed it … big Democrat donor, just like Bernie Madoff. One of the politicians Kraus donated to was Chris Dodd, so I’d be surprised if Kraus didn’t get a sweetheart deal on his mortgage rate as well, just like Dodd.

But enough idle chatter — Democrats, go out and stop those greedy Republicans!


9 Responses to “Taxpayers Crushed Under Another Democrat’s Golden Parachute”

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