Bill Clinton just can’t be too happy right now, because he’s got to spend New Years Eve with his own wife. Tonight will mark the first time in decades that Bill has dropped a ball with Hillary in the immediate vicinity in decades:

The Clintons will lead hundreds of thousands of revelers in the final 60-second countdown and push the ceremonial button that lowers the ball, ending their roller-coaster year that saw the former first lady lose to President-elect Barack Obama but be named secretary of state.

Tonight will have yet another first: This will be the first time the Clintons have said “Should old acquaintance be forgot” where they weren’t prepping for grand jury testimony.

As for Mayor Bloomberg, he said that security will be tight in Times Square, with a large police presence and additional counterterrorism units. The Mayor has assured the city that if an Al Qaeda operative does manage to get through security, he or she won’t be smoking or eating any food containing trans fats, and if there’s a car bomb, it will be detonated in a “green” hybrid vehicle. Whew!

(h/t Joyanna Adams)


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