Nixon Gets Frosted From Beyond the Grave

The upcoming Ron Howard film “Frost/Nixon” has caused a little resurgence in interest in the Nixon presidency, which is merely a byproduct of Hollywood liberals seeking any way possible to link George W. Bush to Nixon.

Below is some Nixon audio I hadn’t heard before, complete with Henry Kissinger advising about Vietnam, “vee zood ztop bompink zee beezezzuz oot of zem vissin fotey ate ahvvas” — which roughly translated is, “We should stop bombing the bejesus out of them within 48 hours.” Nixon agreed, and decided to only bomb the regular jesus out of them.

Also included is Nixon’s sympathy call to Joe Biden. No, not for the hair plugs.

Interesting stuff if you’re into presidential history, specifically the president who inspired all future presidents to stop recording their conversations:

The Hope Defense: Spector of the Obama Presidency

Check out the button Phil Spector (either that or it’s character actor Wallace Shawn in a bad toupee) wore into court for his retrial on a murder charge:


Add jail to the things Obama might magically spare us.

Spector clearly hopes that prison sentences are “spread around” along with the wealth. That way, instead of Phil spending the rest of his life in prison, every American can spend just a few minutes in the slammer to make it more fair.

Actually, I think Phil’s setting a trend here. If Spector is convicted, he can accuse the jury of racism, and the jury knows it. What a brilliant strategy! Call it “the ‘hope’ defense” — and if it works for Spector, it’ll catch on.

At least now we know who’s been engineering Obama’s killer sound.

Frankencoleman: Who Did They Vote For?

Minnesota Public Radio has some scans of rejected ballots in the Coleman/Franken race that officials are looking at and trying to decide who gets the vote.

Some of the voters are obviously, uh, “mentally challenged” if you will. Based on that fact alone I’d automatically give the vote to Franken, but I suppose that’s why I’m not picked to help decide these things.

Who gets the vote on questionable ballots? You be the judge.

Here are my two favorites:


The vote above obviously goes to Frankencoleman.


Barkenaldmackl wins this vote.

David Letterman often says “There is no ‘off’ position on the genius switch,” but if you go into enough voting booths, you’ll find it.

Auto Execs React to Criticism

With this kind of phony response to the criticism of their taking private jets to DC to beg for bailout money, the auto execs won’t be able to help but endear themselves to their fellow phonies in Congress:

This time, GM Chief Rick Wagoner will drive a company car to Washington instead of flying by corporate jet as he seeks a government bailout, a spokesman says.

Take a plane to ask for $25 billion, no way! Drive to ask for $25 billion and we’ll talk. When will business executives learn that private jets are to be used only by environmentalists and green politicians to fly to global warming summit meetings?

GM’s CEO Wagoner pledged to arrive in Washington in a Chevrolet Malibu hybrid sedan, and dangit, he kept that promise!

Here’s the environmentally-friendly Malibu hybrid that Wagoner rode in from Detroit to DC:


Ted Kennedy’s Honorary Degree Looks Fishy

Lately, the ailing Ted Kennedy has been receiving all sorts of accolades for his decades of selflessly spending somebody else’s money.

Kennedy’s latest is an honorary degree from Harvard.

Below is a picture of the degree Harvard presented Kennedy with. I’ve put an arrow on the picture pointing to the seal that looked a little suspect:


Something about it looked strange to me and slightly altered from the Harvard seal I’ve seen in the past, so I enlarged that portion of the picture.

I hate to tell Ted, but somebody played a mean joke on him:


Not funny, Harvard.

Casket Fever, Catch It!

Have you ever wished you could be buried in a casket bearing the logo of your favorite sports team or television show? Me neither, but apparently there’s a market for it.

There’s a company here in Michigan called “Eternal Image,” and they design custom caskets, urns, etc. for sports fans and other entertainment nuts. That’s right, licensing mania has hit the funeral industry.

Here’s why Eternal Image came to be:

In an industry as unchanging and static as the funeral business, Clint Mytych is an unlikely CEO. At 27 he is poised to change one of the world’s oldest industries through a very modern technique: licensing.

Great. You can’t even die now without having a sponsor.

By the way, the Boston Red Sox caskets are selling big. I bet Sox fans wish this was around back when everybody in Boston wanted a place to put Bill Buckner.

Here’s the Detroit Tigers casket:


The perfect resting place for any Tigers fan who was killed by a Miguel Cabrera line-drive foul ball.

As for football teams, I called and asked if I could be buried in a Detroit Lions casket, but they said it was already full up with Detroit Lions.

And if you know any serious nerds who are on the brink of clipping on their last pocket protector, there’s this gem:

The STAR TREK™ Casket styling has been inspired by the popular “Photon Torpedo” design seen in STAR TREK™ II: The Wrath of Khan. Caskets will be available beginning early 2009.

Here’s what the Star Trek “to explore strange new cemeteries” casket looks like:


What Khan artists! There’s no better way to tell everyone at your funeral that you had no dating life whatsoever than with this baby.

And if you get a chance, check out the “cat fanciers” urns and garden memorials. Great for the creepy old lady who smelled like moth balls and kitty litter who used to scare you when you were a kid.

And what funeral would be complete without a Precious Moments casket? Spend eternity locked inside the same material you spent half your life either sitting on or throwing up in — porcelain! It’ll be just like you’re still alive, but colder and darker.

Death with dignity is obviously an antiquated notion.

Over-Obamatized Naive Media Dipstick of the Day

MSNBC daytime anchor Alex Witt gets the honor.

This is what happens when you overdose on hope and change:

“…it’s interesting [the terrorist attacks in India] because there are many who had such an optimstic and hopeful opinion of things, and you certainly can’t expect things to change [snaps fingers] on a dime overnight, but there are many who suggested that with the outgoing Bush administration and the incoming Obama administration there would be something of a lull in terrorism attacks.”

I thought the media was just carrying Obama’s holy water to get him elected, but they really are this stupid, aren’t they? There is no “hidden liberal agenda” in the mainstream media — they’re just plain dumb. But either way it works out to the benefit of the Democrats.

Completely unrelated link: The safest riot ever

Charles Rangel’s Gym, and Other Unused Things You Pay For

This just in from the “Your tax dollars at rest” department:

It may look cramped, but while members of Congress are forced to shoehorn office staff and equipment into windowless closets and other tiny corners of the Capitol complex, Rep. Rangel’s taxpayer-funded workout room is just another example of the trappings of his power and seniority in Washington.

Charles Rangel’s taxpayer funded workout room was paid for in the same earmark that got Barney Frank a taxpayer funded subscription to Playboy, along with Robert Byrd’s autographed photo of Jackie Robinson and Trent Lott’s season tickets to the Apollo Theater.


Thanks to the new chin-press machine taxpayers bought for him, Rep. Rangel is now showing off six-pack waddles

(h/t Jammie Wearing Fool)

Monday’s Column: A Guns for Cameras Program

Today we’re hitting leadoff on the WorldNetDaily commentary page with a column about the terrorist attack(s) in Mumbai and thoughts on part of the reason why innocent people are targeted and slaughtered, why it will probably happen in America, and how our government helps invite a loss of innocent life.

Give a read to “A gun is worth a thousand cameras” for the whole story.

Help spread the word by giving it a Digg here.

Update: Two things that could save you in a terrorist attack: A gun, and terrorists who aren’t watching CNN telling them where you are.

Update II: How gun control laws contributed to the Mumbai slaughter

Winter Hits the Mitten

Normally I don’t post personal pictures because I don’t want anybody to get that sinking feeling you have when you’re at somebody’s house and they whip out the family photo album, so I beg your forgiveness for just a moment.

We’re getting our first major snowfall of the winter, and I was outside at dusk taking a picture of the snow covered pine trees and the flash on the digital camera reflected off the snow and made an effect that I thought was pretty cool — or maybe I’m just getting old:


And a little earlier, what winter day would be complete without heading over to the football field to indulge in our hobby of kicking field goals. Here’s my son trying about a 20-yarder:


What can I say… it helps kill time until the pool is open.