Colin Powell Eats (Jim) Crow, Longs for Bad Old Days

Colin Powell echoed many Obama supporters this morning and said something that has befuddled me for some time now:

“I think it has really, really been an remarkable event in terms of getting everybody to stand back and say, look at what we have seen here in America,” Powell said. “The America we remember is back again.”

Obama spent a good deal of his inaugural speech talking about this nation’s shameful days of slavery and how he wouldn’t have even been able to sit down to eat at many restaurants only 60 years ago. Then, just before a black man was to be sworn in as president — Colin Powell said, “the America we remember is back again”? Huh? Did they cart off Obama and swear in another white guy when we weren’t looking? Did Robert Byrd show up in his old Kleagle hood?

What America we remember is back again? The America Obama remembered certainly isn’t back — if it were, Obama and Powell would be sweeping up right now after the inaugural, carting off Port-o-potties, using separate drinking fountains and shining Huey Long’s wingtips.

Author: Doug Powers

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