Every few decades the Germans feel an overwhelming urge to do something stupid that screws with the rest of the world, and maybe it’s that time of the century. From the “This might not end well” file, we find this: Germany dropped its opposition Monday to a controversial experiment to dump iron sulphate in the […]

There was a piece in the New York Times last week about embarrassing names for places in England: In the scale of embarrassing place names, Crapstone ranks pretty high. But Britain is full of them. Some are mostly amusing, like Ugley, Essex; East Breast, in western Scotland; North Piddle, in Worcestershire; and Spanker Lane, in […]

It had to happen. From the people who brought you The Wallet Weasel, the Economy Dehydrator, the Money-Grabdominizer and the Tax Flowbee comes this exciting new product: Chia Obama

The United States is in danger of running out of one of its most precious commodities: Irony. The reason? Constant strip-mining of the formerly common humor mineral by both current and former politicians means that private-sector irony, such as that displayed with the billboard placement to the left, is on the verge of extinction. Recent […]

Have you ever heard of non-government officials and non-diplomats getting “diplomatic immunity”? Now you have. I call this Hopelomatic Immunity: A rule quietly imposed by the Bush administration right before Barack Obama was elected president remains in place. It requires immigration agents to get approval from higher-ups before arresting fugitives in cases where the arrest […]

The picture below is from a newscast in Corpus Christi, Texas covering people celebrating Martin Luther King Day — Snopes says it’s not a doctored photo: No further comment necessary. (h/t Patriot Room)

Here’s a short clip of Nancy Pelosi on ABC’s “This Week” program yesterday, where she did her best impression of a government official from Red China. Pelosi was defending giving hundreds of millions of dollars to “family planning services” as part of the “stimulus package.” The Speaker’s bottom line: Fewer children reduces the cost to […]

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is a little analysis of President Obama’s first week, which, if you step back and really look at it, wasn’t stellar — if you’re an American. If you’re a terrorist, it wasn’t all that bad. Give a read to “Obama’s 1st Weak on the Job” for the whole story. Help spread […]

I suspected as much: (h/t Tammy Bruce)

There’s an interesting read in the Telegraph today about Joseph Mengele, Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death” who was charged, in part, with “carrying out experiments to discover by what method of genetic quirk twins were produced – and then to artificially increase the Aryan birthrate for his master, Adolf Hitler.” After the fall of Nazi Germany, […]

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