Is the Other Hsu About to Drop on Obama?

Remember Norman Hsu? The major Hillary Clinton fundraiser, who was charged last year with operating a $60 million pyramid scheme (or as Bernard Madoff might call him, “Mini-Me”) is about to stand trial, and a particular politician’s name is expected to be mentioned. Guess who?

This is hardly surprising, and stories like this will be a monthly (at least) occurrence during Obama’s presidency. Why? Because it’s simply not possible for an honest person with honest friends to rise through the ranks of a corrupt political system. When you’re trying to clean up your town, hiring a sheriff from Chicago is a little like recruiting nuns in a brothel.

That the Clintons are now involved deeply with the Obama administration certainly won’t lessen the number of scandals in the coming months.

The next four years are going to be nuts.


Best Wishes for 2009

For the rest of the day I’ll be overdosing on football and all the ancillary goodies thereof, but I wanted to wish all of you who stopped by here on a regular basis in 2008 all the best in the new year.

As far as my little corner of the blogoshpere goes, I have some lofty plans for 2009 that I hope to see through, and the same goes for my column. A few changes are in order and a bit of re-focus is overdue.

As for today’s games, don’t hold me to this prediction, but I’d feel disloyal if I didn’t pick Michigan State to beat Georgia 31-28.

Happy New Year, all!

Update: This is why I don’t dabble in the prediction business very often.

A Charitable New Year: Birth Control for Over-Fertile Societal Leeches

Since this is the first day of 2009, I thought it would be a good thing to start off the new year by being charitable.

After I read this touching story about Latrica Ryan, a 29-year-old single mother with ten kids, aged two months to 13 years, who gets assistance from FACED (Faith Access to Community Economic Development), I wanted to help in my own way.

The story mentions nothing about any father(s), so I’ll assume the reporter either conveniently skipped that part, or that Latrica is the Virgin Mary of Flint, Michigan.

There are a few charities I support that can help people like Latrica dig themselves out of financial difficulty so the rest of us don’t have to pay to raise their children.

Here some of the organizations, in addition to FACED, that may be able to help:

WSYKTF (We’ll Sew Your Knees Together for Free)
S-FAST-W (Stop F*#$@*g and Start Working)
BaDa GPS (The Baby-Daddy Global Positioning System fund)
BCP PEZ ECOC (Birth Control Pill Pez Dispensers for the Economically Challenged)
PO-PO WYA (Pull Out, Pull Out, Whoever You Are)

And of course there’s always the Ron Popeil product available for free for those in need, the Ronco Crotch-Cork.