RedState has been live-blogging the Conservative Political Action Conference in DC, and relayed some lines from Ann Coulter’s speech this afternoon, which was zinger central: “Obama has the entire media, the European Union, and Oprah on his side. A poll in Germany said 80% of Germans liked Obama over McCain — and we all know […]

Agreeing with Joe Biden is something I considered unlikely to happen, but this proves that even conservatives and liberals can find common ground on some issues: [Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter] – one of three who voted for the stimulus package – found himself the target of good-natured cracks from Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and no […]

I’ve been told that the server that hosts this site will be upgraded starting at some point Monday morning, which means we’ll be offline for about 24 hours. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by late Tuesday morning. Also, we’ve been having a lot of trouble with Haloscan, or “the comments thingy” as I […]

As makeshift “protests” go, the turnout at the state Capitol wasn’t too bad considering it was a Friday afternoon and the temperature in the mid-20′s. I knew the turnout wasn’t going to be fantastic though when I was able to find a parking spot just a couple of blocks from Capitol (here’s a pic taken […]

Funny stuff from Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Banks are doing so badly these days that when you open a new account, you have to give them a toaster (rim shot) — but thankfully, the government is here to, uh, help. The Treasury Department will announce this morning that the Federal Government’s stake in Citi Bank will rise to 40%. (Update: it stands […]

(From the Tennessee GOP via Michelle Malkin)

College of New Jersey student Michael Tracey tried to get onto the stage where Ann Coulter was signing books last week, and Tracey didn’t have a book. He was told he couldn’t go on stage without a book to be signed, but he tried to get around security anyway and approach Coulter, and that’s when […]

Not long ago I wrote about the Russian beauty contest for women in the field of nuclear physics, “Miss Atom” — and now we’re seeing the other side of a coin that just never should have been flipped: The Environmentals: The rules? “Use real nuclear power plants as backdrop for fashion or glamor shots! No […]

Rep. Peter King has a good op-ed in the New York Post today called “The Real Gitmo.” King visited the American detention center at Guantanamo Bay and is arguing against its closure. Here’s a paragraph that gets to the crux of the place that is the liberals’ prime example of how horrible the American military […]

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