McCain Crafts Alternate to Obama Stimulus Package

nullWashington DC (PNN): Arizona Sen. John McCain, the former presidential candidate with a knack for “reaching across the aisle” to generate bipartisan solutions, announced that he has crafted his own stimulus package that vastly improves on the Obama plan.

“President Obama’s stimulus package was full of holes,” according to a McCain spokesperson. “Senator McCain identified the gaps, errors, omissions and waste in the president’s plan and eliminated them. This new plan, drawn up by Senator McCain, will be better for America.”

McCain unveiled what he’s calling the “McCain/Obama Stimulus Plan” at a press conference earlier today.

After reading the McCain proposal, one stunned Obama staffer remarked, “Every single thing in McCain’s stimulus package is the same as in Obama’s. The only difference is that the title has McCain’s name on it — and before Barack’s!”

According to McCain, small examples of the vast differences in the two packages include the following:

The Obama Stimulus Package calls for $30 billion for road repaving and highway upgrades, while the McCain/Obama Stimulus Package provides only $15 billion for highway upgrades, and $15 billion for road repaving.

The Obama Stimulus Package predicts it will create 300,000 jobs each month for the next year, while the McCain/Obama Stimulus Package claims it will offer up a whopping 3.6 million new jobs in the next 12 months.

Welcoming the “more responsible and more effective” McCain proposal, Bill Kristol, Editor of the Weekly Standard, wrote, “This is the conservative McCain that the Republican base was hungry for during the presidential campaign.”

Author: Doug Powers

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