Super Bowl Tailgate and Obligatory Predictions

It’s 2 p.m. eastern time right now, and the Super Bowl pregame show has been on NBC for about, oh, four hours or so already. Frankly I’m shocked… Keith Olbermann just talked for almost two minutes without getting in a dig on Sarah Palin or any other Republican.

We’re having a little Super Bowl party here at the compound in a little while, but I wanted to add my prediction to the pile before somebody has a chance to change my mind. Besides the fact that I hope that one team ends a quarter with a “0” in their score, and the other with an “8” (I never get a good draw in the squares), here’s how I see it ending…

This is Kurt Warner’s day: Arizona 31, Pittsburgh 24.

Pittsburgh will have a chance to tie but Roethlisberger will throw a pick (his second) to end the game. Warner will throw for 365 yards, three touchdowns and one interception. How’s that for a detailed prediction?

Oh, and one more: Bruce Springsteen will suffer a “wardrobe malfunction” during the halftime show, and will end up being accused of hypocrisy (again) after it’s discovered that his outfit was made in China and was purchased at WalMart. Also, that screechy, brain-dead celebutard Roseanne Barr will be disappointed in Bruce because he won’t tell Obama to stop bombing Pakistan.

The only thing I can’t predict is whether or not I’ll still be conscious by the end of the game.

Update: Will Ferrell just predicted a more defensive battle than I did… Steelers 2, Cards 0.

Update II: This is why I don’t gamble. Great game though.

Author: Doug Powers

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