The Silence of the Wolves: Pro-Choice Celebutard Targets Palin’s Inhumanity

Tell me the nutty left doesn’t consider Sarah Palin to be potentially their biggest headache in coming years. They’re hitting from every angle now, and this time it’s about Palin’s “inhumane” treatment of animals. It seems like only yesterday some on the left were whining because Sarah refused to kill her “imperfect” child, doesn’t it?

The new site,, features Ashley Judd in a video decrying Palin’s hunting habits, specifically pertaining to the aerial hunting of wolves:

“I am outraged by Sarah Palin’s promotion of this cruel, unscientific and senseless practice which has no place in modern America,” commented Ms. Judd. “Because she is apparently determined to continue and expand this horrific program, I am grateful that Defenders will aggressively fight to stop her. I am proud to be a part of that effort.”

I’m glad Ashley has taken time out from fighting for a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn child and celebrating the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade in order to protect the wolves.

Would abortions horrify Judd if they were performed from a helicopter? I hope so, because I’m running out of other ideas.

Hey Sarah, when you run in 2012, make it clear to celebutards like Ashley Judd that part of the Palin for President platform is to make wolf killing “rare, safe and legal.”


Author: Doug Powers

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