Socializing God?

King Obama has decreed that CEOs of company that accept bailout cash can no longer be paid more than $500,000 per year, and now I think The One is going after God’s salary:

CBN News has learned that President Obama will create a President’s Council on Faith.

The council will be announced at Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.
This new council will be made up of religious leaders across the ideaological spectrum.
The council will be part of an overall faith-based office.

A government office on faith? So much for that coveted “separation of church and state” thing. There’s no quicker way to eliminate faith in God than by getting government involved in it. Maybe that’s the idea.

What would a government-run church be like? The only changes you might notice is that the 10% voluntary tithe will become a 45% mandatory “donation,” an Atheist will be offered “equal time” at the end of each sermon, there will be Muslim foot baths in the cloak room and an abortion clinic in the bathroom, and your pastor will be a tax cheat who withdrew his cabinet nomination but still needed a job.

When you die your church funeral will cost $250 million and take eight years to complete, in no small part because one of the ten government grave diggers dug with the wrong end of the shovel and another used a rake while the other eight attended an OSHA seminar where they were instructed to avoid holes at any cost.

A HazMat team will cordon off the church and spend 10 months and $25 million to check your casket lining for any signs of asbestos, trans fats or salt, and then the all-hybrid funeral procession will travel 1,200 miles because, due to an Olympia Snowe cemetery earmark regulation, everybody has to be buried in Maine.

Author: Doug Powers

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